Web Design

The first thing a user (and potential client) sees when visiting your website is your web design. This is why it is of upmost importance to have a modern and attractive website.


How does web design work? 

When we are working on a web design project, we start by having a discussion with you where we ask essential questions regarding the desired outcome of the project. We present a few model websites and listen to your feedback on those websites. After this meeting, we will have everything that we need to start creating a sketch of the website according to your requirements. 

After the initial sketch is done, we send it to you in order to receive your feedback. Then we incorporate the feedback in the next iteration and so on, until you are satisfied with the result.

Translate the sketch into a professional software.

After we are done sketching the design of the website, it’s time to translate that into a more versatile format that you can hand over to your developers of choice (even us). We mainly use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for this purpose and the final files will be delivered in .psd .ai and .pdf file formats.